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APEX Direct Care is NOT Health Insurance. It is a monthly membership for medical services.

Health Benefits For Any Budget

Request a free quote and see how your business can save on its healthcare costs today!

Take control of your healthcare costs!

Want to save your company a lot of money in health benefit costs and your employees and their families hundreds of thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket health care expenses while breaking down all the barriers of access to health care and creating a healthier workforce and decreasing absenteeism? 

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APEX Direct Care is a Direct Primary Care medical clinic. By centering your health benefits program around a Direct Primary Care or DPC clinic such as ours, you will do exactly that. The secret is getting control of where your health care dollars are going, By choosing APEX Direct Care you turn an unknown variable cost into a known fixed cost.  


APEX Direct Care is the answer to poor healthcare access, reduced health care quality, and unnecessary overutilization. Save your company money by eliminating bolt-on solutions that APEX Direct Care renders obsolete: stand-alone telemedicine services, wellness programs, and executive health programs. Do not wait any longer. Get your employees barrier-free access to a Direct Primary Care clinic while saving money on your healthcare expenses.