Why Should You Choose Direct Primary Care?

The direct primary care model provides quality service sometimes lacking in the traditional health system, by emphasizing the doctor-patient relationship and minimizing the role of third-party insurance companies.

Unlike primary care, direct primary care does not depend upon payment by an insurance company. Instead, patients pay a set fee determined by their membership package. The price of each package directly correlates with the services provided to the patient.

At APEX Direct Care we believe in providing affordable memberships for those within and around Rome, GA. We have two membership packages for adults: Basic for $39/month (or $450/year) and Premium for $69/month (or $800/year). A separate membership package geared for children is available for $20/month (or $225/year). Patients also pay a $20 fee for each visit.

Services included in both packages are: office visits for basic and ongoing chronic medical care, an annual physical exam, a flu shot, EKG, routine blood draws, and in-house basic lab testing. We also provide a list of a la carte services ranging from $10 to $85. (Although we do not require our patients to have insurance, particular procedures may be paid through the third-party company instead of out-of-pocket.)

The membership model permits APEX Direct Care to govern and limit how many patients are in our system at any given time. This ensures the doctor-patient relationship does not suffer due to short appointments, and it also allows Dr. Michael S. Jackson to establish a rapport and history with our clients. Together Dr. Jackson and the patient can select the best treatment without interference from third parties (i.e. insurance companies).

Sometimes the direct primary care model is mistaken for the similar, but quite different, concierge model. Unlike direct primary care, concierge models normally charge more money for their membership packages. In addition, concierge models are significantly more likely to accept payment by billing an insurance company.

At APEX Direct Care, we encourage our patients to participate in their medical care. We want to provide the appropriate medical services to all patients based on their needs. Patients receive the same high quality regardless of their membership package or insurance coverage (or lack thereof). We strive to treat every patient with respect and compassion.

Whether you are interested in signing up today or would like to contact us for more information, we look forward to talking with you. It is our goal to provide affordable, cutting-edge, and personalized medical care to every one of our patients—which we hope will include you!