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It All Starts with Direct Primary Care


Flat Monthly Membership​

Pay monthly and schedule as many doctor visits as you need

Price Tag

Up-front Pricing

No guessing as to what it costs to see a board-certified doctor because prices are displayed up-front


Catered to Your Needs

We deliver high-quality medical care to you without the influence of your health insurance company

What is Direct Care?

US MedClinic operates on the same system as a local gym: patients (of all ages) pay a monthly membership to access benefits like telemedicine, same-day appointments, and discounted labs and procedures. Patients who schedule an appointment will see a board-certified doctor or a Physician's Assistant. We believe that all patients are entitled to respect and compassion. We also take walk-ins for those that choose not to become a member, but you do not get the same perks and discounts you would if you join and become a member.


We encourage our patients to participate in their healthcare decisions. We provide the appropriate medical services to all patients based on their needs by offering affordable, cutting-edge, and personalized medical care. Patients can expect the same high-quality care, regardless of insurance coverage. 


We are committed to providing high-quality, patient-centered, accessible primary care that empowers individuals and businesses to take control of their health and healthcare costs.

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